Kadisha Abdullah appeared "Dropping Bombs". She was portrayed by Anna Khaja.

History Edit

Kadisha was the wife of a beloved imam and mother of their two children. Kadisha was upset and angry when she found out that he had been cheating on her with numerous young women at the mosque. Seeking revenge, Kadisha decided to kill her husband. She found Rodney Landon's instructions for building a bomb and used them to create a small bomb. On September 11, 2011, the 10th anniversary of 9/11, she set her plan in motion. However, contrary to his usual routine, her husband was with three others when the bomb went off, killing all of them. Landon, a known anti-Muslim activist, was convicted for the bombing.

Hayes Morrison decides to take Rodney Landon's case and informs Kadisha and the wives of the other victims. Later, the team finds a video of Kadisha carrying a large bag on the day of the bombing. Searching her house, they find the bag and test it for residue. The residue matches the bomb's, revealing her as the real culprit.