Harper Morrison is a recurring character, portrayed by Bess Armstrong. She is the former First Lady and current US Senator from New York.


Harper is the former First Lady and the mother of Hayes and Jackson Morrison. While Jackson is her senate campaign manager, her relationship with Hayes is strenuous. Harper is often critical of Hayes' choices and tries to curve Hayes' rebellious streak.

It is revealed in "Dropping Bombs" that at some point her husband cheated on her.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

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At the beginning of the series, Harper is running for a seat in the Senate.[ep 1] She later wins the election.[ep 10]


#1 "Pilot" Appears
#2 "Bridge and Tunnel Vision" Appears
#3 "Dropping Bombs" Mentioned
#4 "Mother's Little Burden" Mentioned
#5 "The 1% Solution" Appears
#6 "#StayWoke" absent
#7 "A Simple Man" absent
#8 "Bad Deals" Mentioned
#9 "A Different Kind of Death" Mentioned
#10 "Not Okay" Mentioned
#11 "Black Orchid" absent
#12 "Enemy Combatant" Mentioned
#13 "Past, Prologue & What's to Come" absent

Trivia Edit

  • Harper is likely based on Hillary Clinton. Both are former first ladies who became New York Senators and have husbands who have cheated on them.


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